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I Had An Idea

Earlier today I had an idea. Unfortunately I was at work and didn’t take a moment to make a note or three. Got home and, having almost forgotten about the idea at all, tried to take action on it. That didn’t work out so well.

The idea, in a nutshell, was to start codifying my beliefs and attitudes about myself and life and success and all that stuff. To create, if you will, a personal manifesto for my life. The ideas and concepts that flowed earlier were exciting. But I was at work, and the daily grind, well.. ground it down. I attempted to start it just now, and really didn’t get very far.

This concerns me just a bit. It begs the question: is my job actually hindering me from reaching my goals? Worse, is it actually stopping me from making any actual forward progress. Have I fallen into a routine of “work to live, live to work”? This thought frightens me more than I thought it would. I have absolutely no intention of being a warehouse monkey for the rest of my days. This was supposed to be a short (3-5 year) gig while I took care of a few other things.

Now to be fair, I have only been with this company for a touch over a year, and working for others for about two and a half, but if this is a sign of the reality that I have fallen into… well I don’t know.

I do know this, though: one of the items in my manifesto is to “Take Action”. Something tells me that in the end, the only way out of this trap and into the life I want will be to do just that: take action. Bold action. Really Bold Action. Bordering on the crazy will probably do the trick. I just need to know what action to take. And if I can’t figure that part out, well I will just have to take the leap, knowing that I am wrong, just to get things moving. I’ve done it before. So much for safety.

Oh, and the little bit that I got down on the Manifesto? Well, here it is, rough and ugly. But it’s a start, and the writing of it was an Action. The idea is still in my head somewhere, so maybe this will help it come out.


  1. Time is my friend.

    In this modern world we are always being pushed to do more, faster. If you haven’t bought your first house by the time you are 30, there is something wrong. If you haven’t risen in the ranks of your career, there is something wrong. If you don’t have a car that is less than 10 years old, there is something wrong. And by something wrong, we are led to believe that the “something” is us.



Sitting here in an unfinished basement that I share with my son, I can’t help but think that time is my friend. In my mid-late forties I know that I still have twenty years before I can even consider retiring. So why the rush? I have twenty years! Twenty years to build the life I want. Twenty years to pursue my passions. Twenty years to find my true love. Or be found by her. Twenty freakin’ years! Seriously!

I know that the Manifesto entry is seemingly at odds with the opening paragraphs of this post, but in truth they are in harmony, for if I don’t do anything during that twenty years, then they will have been a waste. Another entry for the Manifesto will likely run something to the effect of, “The only right time to do anything of worth is right now”. Not when the economy improves. Not when I’ve got X number of dollars.  Not when, if, or whatever. Now.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go jot that thought down in the Manifesto before I forget it. Again.

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