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Something I read once:

“An adventure is an ordeal being endured by a man you don’t know, a thousand miles away.”

I am that man, and here you will find some of my adventures, both old and new.

Much of my life reads like fiction, an adventure of living the best way possible and trying to succeed just a little bit more than I fail. It is not the sort of adventure in which the hero scales mountains, battling evil foes all the way only to save the world and get the girl in the end. Rather it is the adventure of questing after peace and happiness and love.

At the high point of my life I was reasonably well off, married with kids and all the rest. At the low point I lived on the streets. I have been possessed by my demons and consumed by my passions and through it all maybe learned a thing or two. I have chosen to begin sharing some of these things here to help me remember the lessons learned and share them with anybody who cares to listen. And if you don’t care to listen, that’s ok too. The worst case scenario is that you get a good story out of the deal.

Either way, I hope you enjoy your time here. Thanks for stopping by.