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Once Upon A Time

Have you ever wondered what happened to Sleeping Beauty after she woke up? I did.


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The Dating Game

As I prepare to reenter the dating game, I find myself thinking about my expectations and what exactly it is that I am, or have been, looking for. But first a brief overview of my personal dating history: I don’t really have one. I went on my first real date at the tender age of 47. When I was young I didn’t date so much as meet a girl at school or work or at a party (etc.) and if we hit it off we generally became a couple. It was a natural flow, part and parcel with the currents of my life. Then I got married and that was that.


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Tis The Season

I am usually a Christmas person. I love the spirit of the season, the idea of joy and peace and goodwill to all men. It is something that I try to carry and embody through out the year, and even more so during the holiday season. Usually. There is a pain that haunts me every year, but this year it has been worse than usual.


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I Had An Idea

Earlier today I had an idea. Unfortunately I was at work and didn’t take a moment to make a note or three. Got home and, having almost forgotten about the idea at all, tried to take action on it. That didn’t work out so well.

The idea, in a nutshell, was to start codifying my beliefs and attitudes about myself and life and success and all that stuff. To create, if you will, a personal manifesto for my life. The ideas and concepts that flowed earlier were exciting. But I was at work, and the daily grind, well.. ground it down. I attempted to start it just now, and really didn’t get very far.


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